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May, 2021

I enjoy working with Alyssa; she's a very competent and personable physical therapist. Her guidance is clear and effective. As I felt my strength and balance improve I grew more confident and motivated. I really appreciate how she challenges and encourages my progress.

June, 2021

Alyssa not only helped me to relieve my pain but taught me how to keep it from coming back. Seeing her is better than seeing a chiropractor and massage therapist combined!

July, 2021

Alyssa is nothing but amazing. Her knowledge and skill set trying to figure out my knee issue was remarkable. I didn't want a new knee joint and she taught me exercises and stretches to maintain my mobility and my ability to continue exercising.

July, 2021

Alyssa worked with me from day one to try to help fix my back issues. If something didn't work, she'd troubleshoot with me to move onto a different solution. She took the time to really understand how I was feeling, try various methods, and help guide me to other resources. Alyssa also took the time between appointments to check in with me to see how I was feeling after our sessions. This really meant a lot to me and I would highly recommend her!

October, 2021

Alyssa, played a great part post knee surgery recovery, for which I am grateful.  More importantly,  though, she supported and encouraged my goals for improvement. Now I am beyond my rehab process and into improving my physical health. I workout 3x a week, lost 25lbs & continue losing, and focus on good nutrition.  My blood pressure has lowered into the 120's over 70. My pcp is thrilled - as am I!  I. Feel. Great!  I am able to walk and hike as long as my energy holds up, which is many times greater now.  Walking safely and comfortably on the rocks is a milestone that I have reached with great joy.  In short,  I have my life back better than before. She is the BEST!!

May, 2021

Alyssa is extremely knowledgeable, caring, and professional. I'm very pleased with the rate my goals were achieved.

October, 2021

Experienced, motivating, understanding, friendly, excellent communication- just a few adjectives to describe Alyssa Williamson. Under her encouraging guidance , I have successfully overcome challenges from total knee replacement & then sciatica. Stronger & physically healthy at 76!

June, 2021

Over the last few years, Alyssa has seen me through treatment for debilitating lower back pain and two joint replacements (knee and shoulder). I fully intend to work with her again when my second knee replacement is completed later this year. She effectively combines professional competence with compassionate care, grounded in her deep knowledge of body mechanics and well integrated with patient goals and treatment protocols. Her approach is supportive, encouraging, appropriately challenging, and effective.

February, 2021

I was extremely impressed with Alyssa's knowledge, professionalism, motivational skills and my total recovery. I recommend her highly.

April, 2021

Alyssa's treatment of my condition and symptoms was superb. Alyssa meets her clients where they are. I'm a trained yoga instructor and avidly pursue outdoors activities and sports. She got right on my "wave length," even collaborating with me about the routines I would adopt to hasten recovery. I cannot recommend her more highly.

September, 2021

Alyssa did an exceptional job assessing my issue, my progress and adjusting to any flareups I had. When I ended my program I had reduced knee pain, increased knee strength and mobility and an understanding of what I can do on my own to manage my condition.

March, 2021

Alyssa Williamson is a fantastic Physical Therapist! She took the time to understand my injury, how the injury was affecting my life, and talked with me about my goals for recovery and how to get back to the activities I love. She is so knowledgeable and followed my progress very closely. While my injury was complex and required well over a year of healing, I can thank Alyssa that I am back to the gym and running, almost as if my injury never happened!

January, 2021

I enjoyed working with Alyssa because I didn't feel like just another patient. In my prior PT experiences I was passed between the PT and an aide, completing exercises that didn't feel helpful. With Alyssa, you have her full attention and she gives you the tools to help yourself.

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