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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take insurance?

No, I do not accept insurance. I believe in the importance of personalized, 1-on-1, hands-on care for my clients. Unfortunately the standard insurance model would not allow me to provide this type of care. 

What is the difference between coming to you and going to an outpatient PT facility near me?

The biggest difference you will notice is the time I am able to spend with you. A treatment dictated by insurance companies is often restricted by standard time (30 min session) and types of service provided. Our sessions will be as long or as short as needed to fit your schedule and address the areas of focus. You won't be told to book "2x a week for 6 weeks". Will we schedule appointments based off your needs. 

Another difference you may notice is the one-on-one care. Often times at outpatient PT facilities you will only get 10-15 minutes with your primary PT and then will be finishing your session with another team member while doing exercises. The value of having on provider for your full session is the complete, hands on care and knowledge provided throughout the whole treatment - from body work to each exercise repition.

Private care seems expensive... what is your price?

Personalized services are generally more expensive due to the time and attention to detail for each client. For example, many people wouldn't hesitate to spend $75 on a mani-pedi or $150 on a massage.

With that being said, I want my services to be affordable and accessible for most. For this reason I do not have a set price, and  because the needs of one client may differ from another. I also offer a sliding scale, meaning I will give you a price range that I feel comfortable accepting, and you can pay what best fits your budget.

Where will our sessions take place?

One of the best things about private care is the flexibility for each session! While I prefer to treat at my primary location (Boxford, MA) where I have more equipment, I can also travel to your home or gym in the Greater Boston Area *     ( * under 30 minutes drive & for an additional fee)

Are you covered by insurance?

Yes, I have personal and professional liability insurance to cover all of the services offered.

How do I get to you?

Coming from 95: Drive about a halfmile down Topsfield Rd and you'll pass Dana Rd on your left. Quickly after you will see the mailbox for #33 and a small 3-car dirt parking lot on the left (you'll also see a horse pasture on your left). Park here and follow the walkway on the right side to the brick patio and you'll see the white "PT house" there - the red door has a sign "Lyss PT and Wellness" on it.

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