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Every Body Is Unique

Find What Works For Yours



LYSS Physical Therapy and Wellness is a private practice focused on providing effective and personalized care to clients. Whether you want to address nagging aches and pains, overcome an injury, or improve your physical well being, I want to help you achieve these goals

Every body is unique and requires a different approach to 

achieve results. Think about your body like a plant. Different plants vary in the amount of sun, water and food they need. Similarly, not every human responds to one type of therapy, eating or workout plan. The human body also has the amazing capacity to regenerate when injured, just like a plant who loses a leaf and then grows another. With these principles in mind, now is the time to stop using generic PT and fitness plans and start listening to what YOUR body needs.

Let's begin your journey together now!


Trish S.

Alyssa is a very experienced trainer. She worked with me after my hip surgery and took into consideration my other medical conditions. Alyssa's expertise was clear as she tailored my workouts to match what I needed, the doctor's orders, and avoid further injury. I highly recommend her and intend to continue using her services in the future!

Katie P.

Alyssa is so great to work with! She's very knowledgeable and I'm so lucky to have worked with her during my Achilles repair and recovery.

Matt N.

I've been working out with Alyssa's guidance since 2019, and she has proven essential to my conntinued health as an aging athlete. Her instructions, in person and remote, are easy to follow, throughou and always encouraging. She knows exactly how to push me to improve, while keeping me healthy. Her knowledge as both a trainer and PT have been invaluable to me.

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